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Somerville Democratic City Committee 

The Somerville Democratic City Committee hosted a forum, moderated by Lisa Kashinsky, on August 16. Mary discussed a variety of issues, sharing her progressive policies and worldview befitting the lifelong strong Democrat like Mary is.

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Housing Forum

The Somerville Renters Committee in partnership with the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) hosted a virtual forum on August 8. Translations in Haitian Creole, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

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Chamber of Commerce Forum

The Somerville Chamber of Commerce Presents the Turning-21 Series. Mary answers questions from the audience on affordable housing, funding city services, etc.

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East Somerville impacted by higher rates of COVID

“We were lucky my grandmother owned the house, so even though it was over-crowded we could count on housing stability..."

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Feeding Our Hometown Heros: Why it Matters by Mary Cassesso

Providing food during the pandemic.

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SMC Mayoral Debate

The Somerville Media Center hosted a debate on August 10th, moderated by Kat Powers, in which Mary shared her views and vision for Somerville, and answered questions asked by other candidates.

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Elder Services Forum

Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services and the Visiting Nurses Association Somerville cohosted a forum on 8/5 in which Mary expanded on her vision for how to make Somerville work for older adults.

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Kick Off Press Release

Candidate for Mayor, Mary Cassesso packed the outdoor patio with supporters...


40 Local Leaders Who are Shaping Somerville's Future

"Mary Cassesso has held a range of jobs throughout her impressive career, but they share common threads: healthcare, affordable housing and education, all work done in the public interest..."

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Award for the Advancement of Women and Staff

Harvard's Joseph B. Martin Dean’s Award for the Advancement of Women Faculty and Staff Previous Recipients.

Image by Wan San Yip
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